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Many have done it, many would do it; but only a few will have a successful blogging experience that they can boast of. Among the popular genres and niches, movies come under the number one sub-genre of entertainment genre. With many new movies coming up every day, it’s certainly hard to only keep track of Hollywood or any country or language specific line of movies. However, general writing on movies for blog is also a pretty serious thing to do because what the blogger will review and write; it will have a big impact on the audience who hasn’t yet seen the movie.

How to blog about movie?

First of all, you have to have a keen interest in not just watching movies; but also in every minute details of it. These details include a variety of aspects, but will never be restricted to;

  1. Actor and actresses
  2. Plot of the movie
  3. Theme of the movie
  4. Genre and sub-genre of the movie
  5. Language
  6. Duration

All of that has to be observed closely and the message of the movie has to be interpreted closely and if there is some suspense in it; it never has to be disclosed in the blog. Among all these details, you have to also have the patience to keep watching a movie; even if it’s boring because that will give you a complete perspective on the movie. It is also acknowledged by many movie critics that few movies do kill a viewer by their plots and flow. Hence, if you feel suffocating watching a movie, which couldn’t gather much crowd; you should save yourself and walk out of the theatre.

How to write the blog on movies?

There are three parts to the usual layout of the blog-post about movies.

  1. Introduction: This is the first part where the complete cast is being described. The role of each actor is mentioned as well. The details of director and co-director along with the crew are also given. The location where the movie has been filmed is not necessary to mention here, but it would be no harm to write a sentence about it. A little description of the plot would do much good here.
  2. Body: Here the beginning of the movie is discussed, while the flow is assessed for its plotting and creativity. The acting of the cast and the direction by the director is also evaluated in this part. The idea is to give an unbiased review.
  3. Conclusion: This is crucial and extremely impact making portion of the layout because this will assist the reader to decide; if he wants to go and watch it or not. Hence, you must be careful with your judgement here.

Blogging about movies is easy yet a bit of work, but once you get a hang of it; you can turn your passion into a good profession. Movie critics make handsome salaries for their expert reviews and suggestions to the directors as well as actors. Bloggers are no different.

Why Everybody Blogs And You Should Too?

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Why Everybody

Blogging has become an extremely common thing today. Anyone and everyone is blogging his heart out and displaying his talent to the world. Yes, social media is always more active than any other digital media, but blogs also work as personal archive to store the incidents as well as information in a proper timeline. Something like Facebook profile, page or group; the chances of the post getting buried is a lot. Many people who don’t blog or use social media consider these bloggers; narcissist. It is not true though.

Why people blog?

The reason many people blog is to share their personal thought or opinion with others through writing. Some have picture blogs and graphic blogs, where there showcase their creativity. There are other reasons to blog as well;

  • Promotion: This is to promote some event, or their art or creativity. There are many teachers of various things, who take the help of blogs to invite interested pupils to come and learn from them. This is an easy way to let people know about the work these bloggers are doing. It is also a platform to let people know about the bloggers as well.
  • Sharing information: Many bloggers are an expert in something and they have discovered many new aspects to a particular thing with time. This information is what they share with the interested people in the same thing; through their blog.

Why you should blog too?

Yes, it’s true that if everyone is doing something you shouldn’t necessarily follow them; but choose your own path. However, blogging is something that everyone must do to get more leverage in their own profession as well as inspire others. You may be having some talent or the other, which could be shown off through your blog. For example, if you are a dancer, you may very well record some dance videos and post it on your blog. That might land you a contract, if a director finds it appealing. There are few other reasons that should have you create and maintain a blog.

  • Writing and creativity feeds the mind intellectually and keeps it healthy. It also helps in increasing the memory capacity as well as making a person more social.
  • The online social network is expanded with blogging and it could add quality to your professional achievements. Your blog becomes your open portfolio and it lets the right kind of people contact you for work.
  • If your blog becomes popular, then you could very well have steady revenue generated from it. This could also become your primary source of income because many amateur bloggers started it as a passion and today it has become their profession.
  • Even if you don’t write, but take photos; sharing them on your blog would do great for you. Today many agencies look for photographers to do the needful for them. They can’t hire the expensive professionals, so they keep looking for the new entrants in the block with potential. You could thus, land yourself a good deal and have a reference on your CV too.

Being a blogger is a good profession, if you do it right.